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IT Network Security Audit


We live in a connected world where communication is a key requirement for all businesses. Increased integration of systems requires a compulsive need to establish fast and reliable communication that is as widespread as the organization and its business dealings. Information systems need to reach out to users, vendors, customers and partners (irrespective of their location); everything is connected to nearly everything else.

As our inter-connectivity increases, so do our vulnerabilities.  Completing quarterly network audits can determine if there are any aspects of your network that can be subject to attacks/ breaches.  With the ever-increasing threat of cyber hacking, both local & abroad, strengthening and testing your communication infrastructure should be a top priority.



External Infrastructure

Anabyte’s external network security audit is a risk-based approach to manually identify critical infrastructure vulnerabilities that exist on all Internet-accessible services and understand the level of exposure that exists.




Our wireless security audit begins with limited knowledge and no credentials provided. We simulate a real-world attack on your wireless infrastructure to determine the overall health of your wireless network infrastructure. This exercise is designed to test the effectiveness of your wireless network and will help your business understand the vulnerabilities that may exist.



Social Engineering

Social Engineering is a sub-class of our network security testing that focuses on identifying and validating vulnerabilities associated with your employees ability to follow documented policies and procedures and security best practices.



Internal Network

With the more mature tool-sets available to support end users, events causing user problems are instantly and automatically reported, allowing remediation to start immediately.  Our fast response time translates to higher productivity for your company and employees.


Protection •  Detection • Reaction



Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven.  I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other.

-Bill Gates