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Hardware Monitoring & Management

What is hardware monitoring?


Your IT infrastructure is an investment and it is pertinent that your investment is always in tiptop working condition.  Hardware monitoring is essentially assuring your IT hardware components (computers, servers, etc.) are performing at maximum efficiency while maintaining maximum longevity.

Anabyte Technology offers real-time hardware monitoring that is certain to help you keep an eye on your investment by providing visuals and reports on your systems’ main health sensors (i.e. voltages, CPU temperature, hard-drive status, power levels) as well as its overall health.

Our hardware monitoring solution allows our clients to see exactly what how their systems are performing at both a network level and single entity level.

Monitor in Real-Time

data_processingCentralized hardware monitoring makes system maintenance easier.

Anabyte Technology can give our analysts a simple yet robust information screen that provides us with all of your hardware monitoring information. We can view how fast your PC is clocking, find out your CPU’s temperature, see how efficiently your graphics card is operating, and much more. We can use this hardware monitoring information to adjust any weaknesses or plan for replacements.

Hardware monitoring data helps you make the right decisions.

Not all hardware is the same, and on occasion some components may require tweaking to keep them running smoothly. However, in order to gauge a component’s effectiveness you first need access to the right hardware monitoring information. Anabyte Technology provides all the data we need to understand how well your components are performing.


Track down failing components through hardware monitoring.

Often, you may find that your IT systems are running less than perfectly. This may be an indication that a hardware component is failing. By taking early steps to correct the problem, we can prevent a systemic failure that could result in a loss of data or completely devastate your systems. Anabyte Technology provides detailed hardware monitoring information so we can investigate whether a component is failing, before any major damage occurs.


Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are proliferating enterprises at an exponential rate.  Accessing corporate resources from a mobile device can introduce a significant threat to corporate security.  Having the ability to remotely wipe a mobile device is just one of the many features that has proven to be invaluable for our clients.




Laptops are more susceptible to problems due to it’s mobile nature.  Monitoring the software and hardware of these mobile devices are crucial for systems that work within an constantly changing network landscape.




Servers typically function as the heart of any organization.  These critical systems must be regularly maintained, monitored and optimized to deliver on the demands of its users.  The down-time of a single server or server cluster is often devastating.  Our monitoring service, coupled with an updated disaster recovery plan, can mitigate your businesses downtime.




Desktops account for over 60 to 80% of the active systems on a network. While desktop problems are not normally as complex as servers, they can be time-consuming to resolve and troubleshoot. By providing proactive maintenance and regular monitoring checks, many desktop problems can be identified and avoided.


Protection •  Detection • Reaction



One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men.  No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.

-Elbert  Hubbard