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Data Backup with Revisions

Data Backup Plan

A vast segment of small to medium sized businesses and enterprises have moved away from on-premise tape backup and are now benefitting from the reliability of digital backup solutions. These firms benefit greatly from the core competencies developed by firms strictly focused on creating data backup platforms and mitigate the risks associated with tape backups.

In the past, data loss incidents typically involved damage to document storage facilities, theft, or other events. However, digital data is now stored in more locations and on more devices than ever before. As the number of devices and amount of sensitive data continues to grow, so do the risks of data loss.  Having multiple data backup solutions and proper protocols in place in case of a data loss is imperative for any business.

Continous Online Data Backup

Platformn Live-Scan comes with every online backup plan. This feature regularly scans your system to identify any changes to backed up data. Once changes are detected the software instantly backs up a copy of the changes.  Our platform ensures that backups are completed as soon as there is an internet connection.  Unlike our competitors, our data backup software does not throttle your internet bandwidth.  This ensures large data files and their revisions are submitted to our servers as fast as your internet connection speeds.


  • No internet bandwidth throttling
  • Continuous non-stop backups
  • unlimited revisions for the life of your active account

Access to Backup Files

You can view, download or share your files from anywhere in the world using either your personal computer, a web-based browser on any other PC, or your iPhone and android mobile device.

The ability to share backup files and folders with other users has been found invaluable by our clients.  The value of backed up data is determined by the ability of our clients to access it quickly and securely.


  • Access files anywhere
  • PC/ Mac, iPhone & Android devices
  • Secure backup file & folder sharing

Flexible Online Backup Scheduling

Schedule online backup to start at anytime of the day – any day of the week. Choose to automatically start online backup when your system is idle to minimize impact on system resources.


  • No internet bandwidth throttling
  • Customize scheduling
  • Idle backup options

Timeline Recovery

Most online backup solutions only store data for a maximum period of 1 month after you either intentional or accidentally deleted the file from your home or office computer. Anabyte goes the extra mile to keep these files – including any revisions for as long as you maintain an account with them.

Recovering these files at anytime anywhere is also easy using Anabyte’s time-line recovery process. Our backup platform ensures that the original as well as every version of file backed up file is always available for you to recover at anytime from anywhere. With the ability to easily locate the files using a calendar interface showing backup activities that go back in time. Simply search for the file you want to restore using the calendar interface and quickly restore your required version.


  • Unlimited revisions
  • Timeline data recovery
  • Calendar interface