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At Anabyte, we recognize the value to customers of alliances and partnering arrangements.  We are experienced in acting as a prime integrator and alliance partner. We deal with multiple vendors and provide a single point of contact for all your IT infrastructure requirements – from large integrated systems, including software licenses and long term IT infrastructure.

We understand that your time is best spent on your business and not on back-and-forth correspondence regarding maintenance, warranties and other administrative issues regarding your IT infrastructure.  Let our experiences professionals handle your warranty, maintenance, and other administrative needs with your respective IT manufacturers.

While most IT service providers are great at providing software related support we believe it is imperative to go one step further and also have the ability to complete hardware repairs for our clients both onsite and offsite.

Our technicians can easily replace LCD screens, complete hard drive replacements, motherboard exchanges and provide various other hardware solutions.

Once the life of your IT equipment has been exhausted we can get rid of your equipment via ethical means that don’t harm the environment and pose a danger to human water sources. We can also provide hard drive destruction services to ascertain data destruction during the recycling process.

How we do it!

Part Availability

Due to the nature of portable electronics, accidents are inevitable.  Our team always keep parts on hand for your organization’s servers, desktop and laptops to substantially reduce the repair time due to shipping delays.  Employee productivity is heavily impacted when repairs exceed 7 days.

Our inventory management and part availability allows your organization to stay focused more on your business and less with IT.

Expedited Shipping

We understand the urgency businesses require during emergency situations, which is why we can offer same-day service.  Our clients appreciate our ability to have their systems back en-route using our expedited shipping & repair service.

Fast Turn-around

We have the expertise and dedicated IT staff to resolve any IT related problem quickly and efficiently.  Although we prioritize every repair for our business clients, there are occasions where our emergency and after-hours services are needed.  Having a trained team of experts on hand allows us to quickly identify the situation, resolve the problem and provide preventative solutions.


Dedicated IT Staff

Our staff are thoroughly vetted and are cross-trained across multiple operating systems and IT network environments.  Our team actively engages in on-going training in IT security, maintenance and the latest technology trends.  Let our collective expertise help guide your business.

Our large scale hardware & software repairs include:

LCD replacements 29%
Virus, malware & spyware infections 25%
Professional data recovery services 5%
Hard drive replacements 34%
General hardware repairs/ liquid damage 7%