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Dedicated & Vetted IT Staff


As an IT service provider we realize that every client’s need is unique and should be met with a consultative approach.  Part of our service offering is proving in-house IT staff to your organization on either a term based project basis or permanent basis.

Because Anabyte is first and foremost an IT consultancy firm and not a staffing firm, our associates have the acumen to vet and test IT professionals based on a rigorous set of requirements prior to any client project engagement.

Ask us how we have recently been able to help some of our current client with their short-term and long-term staffing needs.




External Infrastructure

Anabyte’s external network security audit is a risk-based approach to manually identify critical infrastructure vulnerabilities that exist on all Internet-accessible services and understand the level of exposure that exists.




Our wireless security audit begins with limited knowledge and no credentials provided. We simulate a real-world attack on your wireless infrastructure to determine the overall health of your wireless network infrastructure. This exercise is designed to test the effectiveness of your wireless network and will help your business understand the vulnerabilities that may exist.



Social Engineering

Social Engineering is a sub-class of our network security testing that focuses on identifying and validating vulnerabilities associated with your employees ability to follow documented policies and procedures and security best practices.



Internal Network

With the more mature tool-sets available to support end users, events causing user problems are instantly and automatically reported, allowing remediation to start immediately.  Our fast response time translates to higher productivity for your company and employees.


Protection •  Detection • Reaction



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